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|A trap built to provide Bunnies with a quick end, and Dwarves with a source of food.
|A trap built to provide [[Bunny Rabbit (Character)|Bunnies]] with a quick end, and [[Dwarf (Character)|Dwarves]] with a source of food.

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Constructs, otherwise known as buildings, are objects that take up a tile, and are generally static and do not move around the map. You cannot build multiple constructs on a single tile, but certain constructs can receive upgrades (not currently implemented).

Constructs are internally organised into 4 groups: Crafting/Resource Buildings, Platforms, Active Defences, and Triggers.

Crafting/Resource Buildings

Any construct that is used to craft items, buildings, or hold items, or has some kind of recipe is called a Crafting/Resource Building. Since the crafting recipes and tech requirements for these buildings may vary from one version of the game to another, this information will only be displayed on their individual pages.

Name Built By Description
Stone Cutter Hand Used to craft stone structures that require more intricate tools than a hammer.
Forge Hand Used to smelt ores, and craft metal structures.
Anvil Stone Cutter, Forge Used to bend and shape metals into precise structures.
Carbon Extractor Anvil Late game building, used to generate wood out of thin air.
Storage Hand Dedicates a tile to, and provides the means for more organised use of space.


Any construct that is not for crafting purposes, but instead provides a service is called an Infrastructure Building. Typically infrastructure buildings are unlocked by default.

Name Built By Description
Bed Stone Cutter Accelerates stamina and health regen while sleeping, and allows dwarves to rest fully.
Claim Hand A building at which you provide an offering to spawn a new dwarf.
Monument Forge Used to change classes and is the central pillar to any base.
Settling Cart Hand A 'building' used to transport basic supplies for setting up a new base.
Workbench Stone Cutter Allows access to and research of the main tech tree in the game.

Defences & Triggers

Any construct that is used to harm or hinder enemies, or is used to activate a defence or trap comes under this category.

Name Built By Tech Description
Flint Shards Stone Cutter None A trap made up of sharp chiselled stones that deal damage when stepped on.
Ballista Anvil, Forge Defences Spins around and fires a bolt in the direction of the trigger.
Pressure Plate Forge, Stone Cutter Defences Using a metal rod and a pivot, provides a signal to another construct when stood on.
Bunny Trap Hand None A trap built to provide Bunnies with a quick end, and Dwarves with a source of food.
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