The term "Character" refers to any creature that shows some kind of intelligence, however little.

Types of Character Edit

There are currently 3 types of characters in the game, (more are planned):

Title Description
Dwarf The main playable race.
Goblin The antagonists.
Bunny Rabbit A light snack. -King Hafna

Character Classes Edit

The more intelligent characters in the game (Dwarves and Goblins) have a number of classes to choose from. A character's class determines what tools he carries around with him and what duties he can perform. There are currently 4 classes in Dwarves of Glistenveld. Classes are not set in stone, you can switch a character's active class by moving him to the Monument building or to any Toolrack, so that he may resupply. A planned feature is to have a levelling system for each character.

Title Description
Miner The monotonous workout of shifting ores and materials from one location to another.
Forager The precise and careful art of farming and processing various biostructures.
Engineer The complicated and logistical work of construction and research.
Warrior Sitting around, falling asleep and pummelling the odd Goblin when it shows it's face.

Class Levelling Edit

<Not yet implemented> Each class can be levelled through practice. As a character practices specific tasks, he gains expertise that will unlock new abilities. These abilities will be listed in the individual class pages (once they've passed the first design draft). Keeping track of the levels of all your dwarves can be a cumbersome task, we will be designing a UI for this purpose.

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