Dwarves are the primary race in the game, and are currently the only playable race (though playable Goblins are planned in the future). A Dwarf's base stats differ from goblins in a few ways. They have more hitpoints, deal a bit more damage, but require more resources to breed.

Dwarf Spawning Edit

Dwarves are not breeded through traditional means. Instead they spring out of special holes in the ground, called Springs.

Dwarf FAQ Edit

  • What is a Dwarf?
    • A Dwarf is a short, stubby, rounded fellow, typically with a loud mouth and a mighty spirit!
  • Do Dwarves exist outside of Glistenveld?
    • Yes. Glistenveld is just a region or state within which the Dwarven capital sits, Glistenborg! For more information about places, see Lore:World.
  • Where do Dwarves come from?
    • From holes in the ground of course! Specifically, from Springs, when a particular Dwarven ritual is performed.

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