Flint Shards

Flint Shards is a hidden trap that deals a small amount of damage when stepped on. Be careful when building this trap however, since clumsy dwarves may step on it by accident, or when a dwarf is in another's way, they might be pushed.

Defence Attributes Edit

Attribute Description
Trigger Being stepped on.
Damage Deals a small amount of direct damage (bypassing armour) to the triggerer.
Hidden Although you can see this trap, your enemies can't.
Fading This trap's damage and lifespan is reduced each time it is used.

Flint Shards currently has 10 uses, and deals 20 damage on its first use.

Requirements Edit

Flint Shards is crafted by an engineer using the Stone Cutter.

Flint Shards requires 3 Stone to craft.

Flint Shards is unlocked by default, and requires no technology.

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