Goblins are the primary antagonists in the game. They largely outnumber dwarves, and within a short period of time, will be found scattered throughout the mine networks. Their strongest forces are found closer to the Dwarven city, Glistenborg.

Goblin Classes Edit

Goblin classes differ from Dwarves, they have the Worker, Hauler, Warrior and Shaman classes. Unlike Dwarves, Goblins can't switch classes at will.

The Worker class performs all the mining, foraging and building work in the game, but they cannot carry any resources.

The Hauler class does all the carrying for the Workers, and is the smallest most evasive class.

The Warrior class patrols and keeps the Workers and Haulers on their toes.

The Shaman class performs all the tech and spawning Goblins, and performs magical chants.

Goblins aren't fully thought out yet, and more detail will continue to be added as time goes on.