You probably meant: 'The Dwarves of Glistenveld'. It's ok, we know, it's a hard one to spell, but you got here anyway so that's great! :) Here's the Main Wiki Page, and here's the Website.

This page contains a list of every possible misspelling we can think of of the game title (so that people can still find the game).

Glisten veld

Glistenveld Glistenvelt Glistenfeld Glistenfelt Glistenweld Glistenwelt Glistenborg Glistenvild Glistenvill Glistenville Glistenwild Glitterveld Glittervelt Glitterfeld Glitterfelt Glitterweld Glitterwelt Glitterborg Glittervild Glittervill Glitterwild Glittenveld Glittenvelt Glittenfeld Glittenfelt Glittenweld Glittenwelt Glittenborg Glittenvild Glittenvill Glittenwild Glissenveld Glissenvelt Glissenfeld Glissenfelt Glissenweld Glissenwelt Glissenborg Glissenvild Glissenvill Glissenville Glissenwild Glißenveld Glißenvelt Glißenfeld Glißenfelt Glißenweld Glißenwelt Glißenborg

Whew! That was a mouthful! Well, onward and downward! Where're you headed next?

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