Scenery is everything in the game that is naturally occurring, including the cave walls (dirt, gravel and rock). Scenery can be split up into 3 types: minerals, natural resources, or atmospheric scenery.

Minerals Edit

Minerals are a type of resource that is found within cave walls (in rock), and is mined up using the Miner class. There are currently 4 minerals in the game, although more is planned.

Type Rarity Description
Stone Everywhere The most common resource in the game. Stone is required for most constructs.
Iron Ore Common Used to craft Iron Ingots in the Forge, for more hardy constructs.
Gold Ore Uncommon Used to craft Gold Ingots in the Forge, for spawning dwarves and decoration.
Gems Rare Used to power devices or generate magical energy, and required for spawning dwarves.

Natural Resources Edit

Natural Resources are a form of Scenery that can be interacted with for some benefit, usually collected. They are generally found in open space, although they will sometimes be buried under dirt. Some resources are found 'near the surface', which means in maps that are closer to the surface of the earth, as opposed to deep down underground. Some resources are found 'near moisture', which is a mechanic yet to be implemented, and so is meaningless at the present moment.

Name Found Description
Mushrooms Near water & moisture Gatherable; provides a source of food.
Roots Nearer the surface Gatherable; provides a source of wood.
Fish In water, nearer the surface Fishable; provides a source of food.
Spring Anywhere Claimable; can spawn Dwarves / Goblins.
Bunny Warren Nearer the surface Bunny rabbits will sometimes emerge from it.

Atmospheric Scenery Edit

Atmospheric Scenery is a type of Scenery that does not provide any resources for the player, but may still have a purpose or mechanic in the game. Currently, rubble has no purpose in the game, but once Cave-In mechanics are implemented, it will be the first stage of a dirt wall tile being generated as a result of a potential cave-in.

Name Found Description
Stalagmites Anywhere, especially near water Generates a small amount of moisture.
Water Typically in pits or cavities (forming underground lakes & rivers) Generates a large amount of moisture, and provides an environment for fish.
Rubble As tiles are mined or near weak spots in caves Paves the way towards cave-ins.
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