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There are two ways in which creature populations are limited.

Spring Spirit Capacity Edit

Spawning dwarves (or goblins) from Springs creates a spiritual link between the dwarf and that spring, which is only broken when the dwarf dies. Springs can only sustain 3 dwarf spirits at one time, which means to keep your dwarven forces growing you will have to Claim more Springs.

Air Supply Edit

The air supply in each map is another limitation to the number of dwarves and goblins that can be spawned. Air supply is determined by how deep underground the map is, and has 3 tiers. In certain circumstances the exact number for the cap may be exceeded without penalty, but Springs will no longer be able to spawn dwarves on the map.

Tier 1 Top layer Near unlimited air supply, can sustain many creatures at once.
Tier 2 Middle layer Decent air supply, can sustain a good number of creatures.
Tier 3 Deep layer Poor air supply, can sustain only a few creatures.

The air supply can be boosted a tier by working the Carbon Extractor, but it must be activated continuously using a power source for this effect to apply.