<icon> Storage is a platform where resources and items are stored. This construct helps organise the minds of your dwarves, enabling greater stacks of items to be stored on a single tile. This also enables your dwarves to find items from a distance, rather than relying on what is in their immediate vicinity.

Without Storage, placed items are restricted to 1 stack per tile (a stack consists of either 10 items or 1 packed/disassembled building). Dwarves will also only consider using unstored items if they are nearby.

With Storage, up to 3 stacks of items can be placed, and count as usable from any distance.

For large mining jobs (currently), it is recommended to have roughly 1 Storage tile dedicated to every 5 tiles of rock.

Requirements Edit

Storage is crafted by an engineer by Hand.

Storage requires 5 Stone to craft.

Storage is unlocked by default, and requires no technology.